Exhibitors 2017-08-17T10:15:37+00:00

Bookings for #rAgeExpo2017 are now open.

Please call us on +27 11 704 2679 for more information on how to be an exhibitor/sponsor.

Click here to view the current floorplan.


Exhibitor Name

Stand Number

4Ever Odd FM9
Airsoft HQ 55
AI Fest  89
Aruba LAN Sponsor
Astrum  17
Codation  16
Codex Knights HC17
Cool Ideas  13
Corex Sponsor
Cosmic Comics FM1 / FM2
Emendy 39B
Empire Gaming 19B
Extreme Wargaming FM11
FanCentric FM6 / FM7
Gamers Gadgets 46
Geekout Inc 77
GiVit Game Studios  HC2 / HC3
Global Gaming Pads FM12
Health & Lifestyle Emporium 86
HP Store 33
Homemade Thai Cuisine B
Incredible Connection 26
Indelicate H
Intel LAN Sponsor
International Deli 15 / A
MakeMe 3D 38B
Marwyn Superheroes FM4
Military Dog Tags 52
Monster Energy 50
Mweb LAN Sponsor
NAG Shoppe  61
Network IT C
New Game + 88
OMEN by HP LAN Sponsor
Pendragon HC16
Pieter Smal Music HC3
Pixel Customs E
Prima Interactive FM8
SAE Institute 40
Skullcandy 58
Smallville Comics 59
Snitches and Stitches FM14
techfixplay 22
TFG Tech  43A
The Animation School 27
The Gadget Shop 43B
The Shire J
Thug Mugs F
Titan Ice 18
Tshirt Terrorist 45
Vega School 39A
Vinyl Revolution 71
Vodacom 4U Sponsor
WeStudioGames HC4 / HC5 / HC6
Wits 87
 YP Accessories  34