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Oct 2018

rAge 2018 spreads the love, does the things

rAge 2018 saw 34,002 people pass through the doors of the Ticketpro Dome to witness an unrivalled spectacle of exquisite cosplay, fantastic games, and only the freshest geek culture memorabilia. Most importantly, rAge 2018 was

NAG presents Bring the Bravado at rAge 2018

This year’s rAge sees Bravado Gaming and NAG introducing ‘Bring the Bravado’ to the event. The initiative is geared towards creating awareness in the social and competitive gaming industry for people who are curious, may

Get your game on with rAge this weekend

It’s countdown week, with four days until the doors open to SA’s biggest gaming experience:  rAge (the really Awesome gaming expo)!  But it’s not only the days that are being counted. This year sees over

Let the games commence

As gamers settle into three dedicated LAN areas to play games non-stop for 52 hours at the biggest and slickest LAN in Africa, visitors to rAge 2018 will be welcomed by the sight of a

Aug 2018